Interested in Joining The Uniq Family?

“Personalisation is key to our travellers’ heart. Transforming the world – one journey at a time.”
– Uniq Luxe

Hi! Hallo! Ola! 你好! Konichiwa! สวัสดี! Ciao!

We, at Uniq Luxe, are always looking to team up with talented people. Of course, it’s not limited to these roles we’ve listed.

If you are fun-loving; If you are detail-oriented; If you have a never-say-die attitude; If you believe you are here for a bigger purpose, to challenge the status quo, and have what it takes to help us grow & would love to grow together with us, then reach out and let us know here!



Travel Designer (Global)

Travel Operations Specialist (Global)

Event & Digital Marketing Executive (Internship)

Marketing Manager (Global)


About Uniq Luxe
What We Stand For

Uniq Luxe has been helping people across the world create a well-balanced life. Our team has been working hard to keep everyone’s sanity in check and the world a better place to live in. What we provide is not a mere luxury, but a required necessity. In today’s fast-paced, always-connected, high-tech world, we are the reset button that everyone needs. Our specialty is curating and designing the world’s best vacations, providing a much-needed break for weary souls. When we are not saving the world, we are bringing the party to life by organising the most awesome events, anniversaries and parties!

In 2020, our journey was thwarted by the pandemic, temporarily. Now, we are back, stronger than ever, ready to change the world of Travel Design to create a united and well-connected ecosystem. As always, we are on the lookout for great talents who share our passion for technology, service, and the travel ecosystem.

At Uniq Luxe, we believe in agility and sustainability. We move quickly to move things forward without being weighed down by corporate bureaucracy, creating a strategic framework for sustainable growth. Like a family, we always have each other’s backs, working together and looking out for one another.

We believe in enjoying what we do and living life to the fullest. We treat our customers and teammates like our own friends and family, always giving them the best. We challenge ourselves, push our limits, and strive to be the best we can be!

Our Mission

Tailoring travel around the world – one holiday at a time. Transforming the world – one journey at a time.

Why Join Us?

We are knowledgable
We are passionate
We are for our people
We are for our customers
We are here to challenge status quo
We are here to make a positive impact
We are here because we love travel!
Seriously..what are you waiting for?