With a colourful tapestry of delicacies, traditions and cultures, Asia promises an enriching and extravagant experience for travellers from all over the globe. Explore the unique gourmet scene in Singapore, wander the deserts of Mongolia or traverse the mountainous valleys of Bhutan – the possibilities are endless in this eclectic and vast land!

Tranquil Temples

Built in the 12th-century, the temples of Angkor in Cambodia have endured many events throughout history. The temple ruins have a way of igniting the inner archaeologist in all of us. Ride in a hot-air balloon for a bird’s eye view of the magnificent compound. For a moment of spiritual enlightenment, seek out the sacred Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan. This mystical temple rests 900m high in the cliffs of Paro Valley. Legends say that Guru Rinpoche arrived here on the back of a tigress and meditated at this monastery. Stand in awe of the majestic Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. The murals carved along the stone corridors tell a story of the Buddha as depicted in the early Buddhism texts. Borobudur is best seen at dawn: enjoy panoramic moments at sunrise as the sun scales the surrounding volcanoes and terraced fields.

A temple sits serenely on a cliff, astounding visitors on their Bhutan luxury travel.

Tiger’s Nest

An endless stretch of sand across the land beneath the big blue sky- an unmissable sight for luxury travellers in Asia!

Gobi Desert

Desert Worlds

A land brimming with picturesque landscapes, experience Mars on Earth in Jordan’s Wadi Rum. Hop on a camel at sunset as you explore the red desert sands and catch a glimpse of the Bedouin’s way of life as you sit by the campfire and stargaze whilst soaking up this surreal opportunity. Dip in and float on the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea – famed as the Earth’s lowest point. Bask under the sun in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and watch the silver stars flicker to life under the dark fabric of the night sky. Known for its dunes, mountains and rare animals such as the snow leopard, this vast desert is also home to the largest dinosaur fossils ever discovered! For a unique experience, spend the night in a ger – a traditional nomadic Mongolian tent.

Modern Museums

Explore the natural history and heritage of the Persian Gulf at the National Museum of Qatar. Shaped like a desert rose, journey through an exciting mix of all-encompassing environments and compelling storytelling that will engage all senses. Equally stunning is the flat-domed Louvre Abu Dhabi which opened in 2017, which aspires to bridge the gap between the East and the West through its featured art pieces. For families with kids, the museum offers a children’s section where the young minds can foster creativity and engage. If Chinese art piques your interest, the China Art Museum in Shanghai houses more than 14,000 artworks. Explore this modern marvel and take a guided tour to learn more about the construction behind this striking building.

A modern museum doubles up as a stunning work of architecture in Doha, Qatar.

National Museum of Qatar

A Japanese chef busy with grilling delicious chicken skewers known as yakitori in Japan

Grilling yakitori in Tokyo

Bowls of spicy and fragrant Indian curry served together with aromatic Briyani rice, a perfect gourmet delight on a Asian luxury travel

Indian curry

Asian Flavours

In Japan, do not miss the opportunity to watch a professional sushi chef press the vinegar-flavoured rice and the freshest raw fish into a delicious nigiri before your very eyes at a sushi bar. Slurp up a hot steaming bowl of Hakata ramen, a speciality of the Fukuoka prefecture, served in a thick and creamy tonkotsu broth. Home to a medley of culinary traditions, Jerusalem is second to none when it comes to delicious food with a unique balance of Eastern and Western influences. Join a curated culinary tour and savour some of the region’s most iconic dishes like hummus and falafels. Journey to India for its curries and chaat, and herbs and spices. Get ready to cook up a storm and learn all about the dishes that make up the heart of Indian cuisine. 

Vibrant Markets

Taipei’s night markets offer the quintessential Taiwanese eating experience and are the definition of the country’s culture. Routinely buzzing with activities and tempting flavours, exploring Taipei’s vibrant markets is absolutely necessary when visiting. Arguably the most popular choice, Shilin Night Market boasts a huge variety of local delicacies including the famous hu jiao bing (pepper buns) and the savoury oyster omelette. Thailand, too, has numerous lively night markets across Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. Expect amazing selections of local street snacks, uniquely handcrafted items, special cultural shows and cheerful vendors. 

Asia is the largest continent with larger surprises in store for you and your loved ones! Let us at Uniq Luxe plan your memorable and enriching Asian luxury travel experience. 

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