Why Us?

It is very simple – We understand you are busy individuals and your precious time is better spent elsewhere than wasting countless hours researching and organising your travel. Our mission is to bring value to your life – powered by our local expertise, our networks, our services. We stretch your dollars and free up your time and mind so that you can focus on the things that really matters – your business, your work, your life, your family, you.

Whatever holiday you want, whatever goal you have for your trip, we are here to make it into a reality. We are here to create the extraordinary holiday that is perfect for you, like a true tailor.

1 | Your Time is Precious

There are tons of differing information on the internet today. Last we checked, there were millions search results when you google for ‘Europe Honeymoon’. We are here to save you precious time.

2 | Stress-Be-Gone

Holidays shouldn’t be stressful! Do you really want to spend all those sleepless night researching online and reading reviews and reviews before making a booking? Why create more stress for yourself? We are here to create a hassle-free holiday for you and your loved ones.

3 | We Are Travellers
(just like you)

We personally visit the destinations, test the hotels, mingle with the locals and experience the activities instead of relying on guide books and websites. That is why we know the difference between what’s hot and what’s not, and we are here to share it with you.

4 | Single Point of Contact

Need to change your flight details or secure a table at a wildly popular restaurant? Don’t worry about having a long list of contacts and calling each one when there’s a change of plan. We are your single point of contact to take care of the nitty gritty.

5 | Exclusivity

It’s who you know, not what you know that matters. We know just the right people to make your vacation extra special. 

6 | Personal Touch

What really sets us apart is that we really make an effort to know you and understand your needs. Before we even say “bon voyage”, we would have discovered everything from your preferred airline to your favourite red wine.

7 | Unique and Truly Yours

Every trip that we plan is designed specially for you. Every trip is designed from scratch. Every trip is customised to fit you. You decide what you would like to do. You dream your vacation and we make that dream into a reality.

8 | They Love Us

Our best testimonials are when clients engage our services time and time again. If you need to see the proof, read more about what they say on the home page. Give us a try and experience it for yourself!

9 | Sound Advice

Our Travel Designers are a tough bunch to impress. So when we see something truly amazing, you can be sure it’s nothing short of spectacular. 

10| We Truly Care

Most say we have the best job in the world and we totally agree. Not (only) because we get to travel around the world searching for the next best thing, but because at the end of the day we get to help to make people’s dream into reality, even if it’s just for a weekend in Bali, a week in Africa, two weeks in South America or four weeks in Europe. We really enjoy what we do and that’s why we put in 100%…and then some more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Uniq Luxe?

Our headquarter is in Singapore with supporting offices in Indonesia and Australia.

We work with multiple vendors and trustworthy partners around the world to bring the best experiences for our clients. We also carefully curate a group of local guides and niche providers, who are experts in their respective fields. We strive to always provide the experience of a lifetime for our valued clients, for each and every trip.

Contact us to find out more about us or discuss your next trip.

How does Uniq Luxe work?
  1. Explore our website for inspiration or get in touch with us directly to start chatting and find out more.
  2. To create a custom-tailored travel experience, we would like to get to know you better and understand your preferred travel style. This can be done via text, phone or email (experience[at]uniqluxe[dot]com) and share your expectations and requirements for the trip.
  3. Next, we’ll start our collaboration by creating a customized initial proposal for your review and feedback. Everything will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
  4. Pre-trip information and briefing will be sent and arranged before your journey for your preparation.
  5. Bon Voyage!

For further details, click here.

Which destinations does Uniq Luxe cover?

Because of our vast network and connection around the world, we are able to craft bespoke journey anywhere and for anyone looking for extraordinary experiences.

There are certain destinations where we specialise in based on our Travel Designers personal experiences. These include Africa, Bhutan, Nepal, Peru, Iceland, Europe, Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar), Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

How do I book a trip?

Simply contact us via any of the below channel,

  1. Email – experience[at]uniqluxe[dot]com
  2. Our form
  3. WhatsApp/text – +65 88699505
  4. Facebook messenger
What is the minimum group size?

Any group size. Whether you are on a self-discovery journey by yourself, or a group of friends celebrating, or a multi-generation family of 50 members on an annual trip – we have taken care of any group size. Simply contact us to discuss options.

Is it dangerous to travel solo?

Yes and no. It depends on various factors such as destinations, neighbourhoods, whether it is guided or not, etc. We have helped many travellers discover the world. From 1 person to a group of 30 friends. Simply contact us to discuss any concern you have. We will be happy to help.

How much is the trip?

Given the bespoke nature of each trip, we are unable to pre-determine the exact cost. Cost varies greatly from destinations, experiences and your own preferences of accommodations. We will definitely do our best to work within the budget you are comfortable with, and should we not be able to help, we will be happy to refer you to someone whom we think will be best to assist you with.

As we specialise in luxury bespoke tours, we do have a minimum spend of SGD1,000 per day (for 2 persons) for the land portion, excluding international flights. However, this does differ depending on the travel destination. Kindly contact us for further details.

How do I make payment?

Payments can be made via bank transfer, cheque or credit card.