North America

Formidable landscapes. Intriguing cultures. Flavorful cuisines. From the vibrant cities of Central America to the sprawling tundras and great glaciers of Canada, witness the majesty of North America for yourself.

A tourist explores the ancient Mayan temple of Chichen Itza in Mexico, a remarkable sight to see on a North American luxury holiday

Chichen Itza

Deep History

North America is steeped in ancient history. Visit the Chichen Itza in Mexico, where the ruins of a Mayan city sleeps. Despite being a popular tourist site, it remains an active archaeological area, where new discoveries unearthed every year. Often regarded as “The Place Where the Gods Were Created”, head westwards to view Teotihuacan and admire the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent deity of ancient Mesoamerica culture. Till this day, its origins, culture and history have yet to be discovered. Meanwhile, the legendary Tikal awaits deep in the rainforests of Guatemala and is one of the world’s largest archaeological sites. Opt for a private tour and learn about the history, theories and mysticism that surround Tikal with an expert guide. Imagine Panama City in the olden days as you explore Panama Viejo with a local: tour the historic structures of the country’s first Spanish settlement, sample a traditional lunch and visit an indigenous handicraft market. 

Artistic Traditions

New York’s Museum of Modern Art is internationally recognised for its extraordinary exhibitions and vast collection of contemporary art pieces. Be sure to appreciate Vincent Van Gogh’s expressive Starry Night and Pablo Picasso’s introspective Girl Before a Mirror as you make your way around its huge compound. Similarly, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, affectionately known as the Met, boasts an extensive range of art and cultural pieces. From the antiquities of ancient Egypt to modern-day fashion, you’ll learn a greater deal about unexpected connections drawn across time and cultures. If you time your visit right, you can immerse yourself in Mexican festivities such as Dia de Muertos. Unlike the sombreness of what the name suggests, the Day of the Dead is a meaningful holiday where Mexicans celebrate the never-ending cycle of life. Participants will transform their faces into skulls with colourful paint to express their respect for their deceased loved ones. Or perhaps, go for a behind-the-scenes tour of Mexican wrestling, Lucha Libre. Led by a former luchador, discover the fascinating history, rules and personalities of this flamboyant sport as you spectate a thrilling live match!

A woman with colourful paint of her face -- a common sight when you attend the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico during your luxury travel to North America

Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Natural Wonders

Stand before the roaring Niagara Falls, sandwiched between US and Canada — embark on a boat ride or sit in a hovering helicopter to catch a better glimpse of the world’s largest waterfall. Light up your Niagara experience with the nightly illumination shows, where the waters are ablaze with prismatic lights. Gaze at the splendour of the enchanting Grand Canyon in a panoramic helicopter tour or admire it from the clear-glass Skywalk Bridge in the West Rim. Consider joining a local expert for an informative walk before ending your day with a tranquil night at a luxury lodge. Witness the magical Northern Lights dance overhead in the dark Alaskan skies from mid-September to late April, peaking in March. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an immersive adventure, traverse the Arenal Volcano National Park of Costa Rica. You can choose to hike or paddle through the forest to view the stunning hot springs and surrounding wildlife.

The world's largest waterfall thunders, a beautiful sight for a North America luxury vacation

Niagara Falls

A man sits on the edge of the cliff, enjoying a fantastic view of the sprawling Grand Canyon in Arizona, America, a must-visit for all luxury travellers who are headed to North America!

Grand Canyon

Tropical Carribean

Unique marine experiences await in the sparkling blue waters of the Carribean Sea. Snorkel and swim alongside the graceful stingrays in the world-famous Stingray City of the Cayman Islands. The shallow waters are perfect for kids and adults alike to wade in and feed these gentle sea rays. For another family-friendly animal encounter, head down to Pig Beach, where you can swim with these adorable four-legged animals in the cool Bahamas waters. Grab a pair of binoculars and spy on humpback whales bursting out of the sea off the Samana Peninsula in an elegant arc. These gigantic leviathans can be best viewed from the comforts of your boat. For a unique tropical experience, sip on a steaming cup of full-bodied Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, while admiring the panoramic forest views of the longest mountain range in Jamaica. Take on an exhilarating challenge after your much-needed coffee break: climb up the travertine Dunn’s River Falls and commemorate your achievement with a snapshot!

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