Bhutan Unveiled

A 11-Day Bhutan Luxury Expedition - set in the serene Himalayas, offers an exclusive retreat with its pristine natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage. A haven for the discerning traveler, it blends authenticity with sustainability, inviting exploration of its majestic scenery and rich traditions in a tranquil environment.
Duration 11 days 10 nights
Destinations Thimphu | Punakha | Gangtey | Paro | Tiger’s Nest
Fitness Moderate
Curated By Uniq Luxe
Who is it for? A haven for those who cherish authentic cultural experiences and the peaceful embrace of nature in the Himalayan landscape.

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    Personalised Journey

    Peace of mind



    • Immerse in Bhutanese Culture: Authentic cooking experience in a local family’s kitchen.
    • Dine with a View: Picturesque picnic lunches in breathtaking locations.
    • Hidden Trails Adventure: Explore the serene Butterfly Trail and historic Zurig Lhakhang.
    • Dress Like a Local: Embrace tradition with a day in gho or kira attire.
    • Heartfelt Journey: Engage in a meaningful volunteer experience at a local monastery.
    • Exquisite Stays: Handpicked boutique and luxury accommodations for ultimate comfort.

      Daily Itinerary

      Day 1Singapore - Bhutan
      Welcome To Bhutan

      Get ready to embrace an unforgettable journey that starts the moment you take off from Singapore! Prepare to be enchanted by the promise of ancient monasteries, verdant valleys, and the serene beauty that awaits in Bhutan.

      Day 2Thimphu
      Cultural Immersion Exploration of Thimphu
      • Explore the revered Tashichho Dzong, a majestic fortress embodying Bhutan’s governance and spirituality. This iconic structure offers a glimpse into the nation’s rich heritage and religious history.
      • Delight in the vibrant hues and earthy aromas at Bhutan’s renowned Farmers Market. Here, discover an array of organic and natural Bhutanese produce, a true testament to the country’s agricultural bounty.
      • Be awestruck by the colossal Buddha Dordenma, an imposing bronze statue that not only represents peace but also provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.
      • Tailor your afternoon with customised activities:
        • Dive into the local art scene with visits to galleries showcasing Bhutanese talent.
        • Explore unique boutiques for exquisite, handcrafted Bhutanese items.
        • Embrace nature with scenic hikes, experiencing the serene and lush beauty of Bhutan’s landscapes.
      Day 3Thimphu-Punakha
      Journey from Thimphu to Punakha
      • Scenic drive from Thimphu to Punakha, traversing the mesmerizing Dochula Pass. Witness the breathtaking array of 108 stupas known as the “Druk Wangyal Chortens,” a sight that beautifully encapsulates Bhutan’s spiritual essence.
      • Arrive in Punakha, a town steeped in history, strategically positioned at the confluence of the Pho and Mo Chhu rivers. Enjoy the captivating views where two mighty rivers merge.
      • Enjoy Punakha’s warm climate, a delightful contrast to Thimphu. The region is famed for its stunning views of the Himalayas, offering a picturesque backdrop.
      • Conclude your day with a serene stay at the &BEYOND Punakha River Lodge. Nestled along the gentle Mo Chu River, this lodge provides an idyllic retreat, perfectly blending luxurious comfort with the natural beauty of its riverside location.
      Day 4Phunaka
      Adventure and Architectural Wonders in Punakha Valley
      • Begin the day with an invigorating trek to the magnificent Khamsum Yuelley Namgel, majestically perched in the Punakha Valley. This trek offers thrilling vistas along the way, culminating in a breathtaking panoramic view of the valley.
      • Take time to explore the interior of Khamsum Yuelley Namgel, where the beauty of Bhutanese craftsmanship and the serene Punakha Valley unfold before your eyes.
      • Conclude your day with a visit to the historic Punakha Dzong, an architectural masterpiece dating back to 1637-38. Marvel at the intricate designs and the rich history encapsulated within the walls of one of Bhutan’s most important and beautiful Dzongs.
      Day 5Punakha-Gangtey
      Discovering the Majestic Phobjikha Valley and the Serene Gangtey Monastery
      • Spend the day immersed in the dramatic and breathtaking landscapes of Phobjikha Valley, nestled within the Wangdue Phodrang district.
      • Witness the prominent Gangtey Monastery, an emblem of peace and spirituality, perched atop a ridge. Here, experience a blend of spiritual solace and awe-inspiring views, as the monastery overlooks the vast and picturesque Phobjikha Valley.
      Day 6Gangtey
      Traversing the Gangtey Nature Trail
      • Embark on the Gangtey Nature Trail Experience, a vital part of the Trans-Bhutan trail. This path is a scenic trek and also a spiritual journey, often traversed by locals on pilgrimages to the monastery.
      • Delve into the heart of local villages along the way, where you can immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Bhutanese lifestyles and traditions, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of this vibrant culture.
      • Visit the Black-Necked Crane Information Centre, an enlightening hub where you can explore a range of informative exhibits. Gain valuable insights into the biology of the majestic Black-Necked Crane and learn about the vital conservation efforts underway to protect these elegant birds.
      • At Gangtey Lodge, indulge in a variety of recommended activities designed to enrich your stay:
        • Experience the traditional Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath, a unique and therapeutic practice that rejuvenates both body and mind.
        • Pamper yourself with a selection of Spa and Wellness Treatments, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and holistic health.
        • Join Guided Nature Walks to explore the surrounding beauty of Gangtey, a chance to connect with nature and witness the valley’s serene landscapes.
        • Engage in Cultural Experiences that bring you closer to the heart of Bhutanese traditions and lifestyle.
        • Participate in Birdwatching activities, a peaceful and rewarding pursuit, especially in this region known for its rich avian biodiversity.
      Day 7Gangtey - Bumthang
      Historical Exploration in the Heart of Bhutan
      • Begin your journey with a scenic drive from Gangtey to Bumthang, traversing through Bhutan’s diverse and picturesque landscapes. This route offers a captivating transition between regions, providing a visual feast of the country’s natural beauty.
      • In Bumthang, join a guided tour of the iconic Jakar Dzong. This fortress, renowned for its grandeur and historical significance, is a window into the architectural and cultural heritage of Bhutan.
      • Continue to explore the spiritual heart of Bhutan with a visit to Kurjey Lhakhang, a monastery steeped in sacred history and religious importance. Here, delve into the legacy of Guru Rinpoche, a revered figure in Bhutanese Buddhism, and experience a profound connection to Bhutan’s spiritual roots.
      Day 8Bumthang
      Cultural Riches and Local Traditions in Bumthang
      • Start your morning with a visit to Tamshing Lhakhang, renowned for its unique tradition involving a 25kg chain mail. According to local belief, carrying this chain mail around the temple three times brings good luck, offering a blend of physical challenge and spiritual reward.
      • Take a leisurely trip to the Red Panda Brewery and indulge in a sampling of Bhutan’s famous beer. This experience is not just about tasting the local brew but also understanding the craft and tradition behind its production.
      • Conclude your day with a visit to the Yathra Weaving Center. Here, discover the intricacies of Bumthang’s unique woven textiles, a vital part of the region’s cultural identity. Learn about traditional Bhutanese weaving techniques and the rich patterns that make their textiles so distinctive.
      Day 9Bumthang - Paro
      Cultural Treasures and Artisanal Craftsmanship
      • Begin the day with a flight from Bumthang to Paro, marking a smooth transition in your Bhutanese adventure. This flight not only connects different regions of Bhutan but also offers a different perspective of the country’s varied landscapes from above.
      • Once in Paro, take some time to stroll along the main street, a perfect opportunity for souvenir hunting. Explore the array of shops offering locally made crafts and souvenirs, providing a tangible memory of your journey in Bhutan.
      • Enhance your cultural experience with a visit to the National Museum of Bhutan – a treasure trove of Bhutanese history and culture, offering insights into the nation’s rich heritage.
      • Visit a traditional paper making factory to witness the intricate process of Bhutanese paper making, an important aspect of the country’s artistic tradition.
      Day 10Paro
      A Hike to Remember: The Majestic Tiger's Nest
      • Set off on an unforgettable hike to the renowned Tiger’s Nest (Paro Taktsang), weaving through tranquil pine forests and past vibrant prayer flags. This journey is more than a hike; it’s a spiritual ascent to one of Bhutan’s most sacred and visually stunning landmarks.
      • At Tiger’s Nest, receive a special blessing, a deeply meaningful and fitting culmination to your exploration of Bhutan.
      • Conclude your visit with a guided tour of the monastery. Delve into the details of its intricate architecture, shimmering golden spires, and the overall spiritual ambience. This exploration offers a deeper understanding of the monastery’s historical and religious importance, leaving a lasting impact on your Bhutanese adventure.
      Day 11Bhutan - Singapore
      Home Sweet Home

      Private transfer to Paro Airport for your flight back to Singapore.

    Inner Circle: Explorer Series is designed for limited number of guests only.
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    What's Included

    • UNIQ Booklet including daily itinerary and recommendations for attractions, dining and shopping
    • Accommodation on twin sharing basis in hotel as stated on bed & breakfast basis
    • Meals as stated
    • All transportation & transfer
    • Throughout English-speaking expert guide
    • Throughout English-speaking tour leader
    • All entrance fees in sights stated
    per person from
    SGD 19,888
    Single supplement from: TBC
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