uled by the Iberian and Romans during ancient times, and an Islamic Kingdom in the Middle Ages, it is no surprise that Cordoba has a diverse history. Compare the different influences in its architecture and monuments in this intriguing city.

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Different Faiths

Gaze upon the medieval Islamic mosque that became a Catholic Cathedral. Take your time to explore the Mezquita and marvel at the wonderful interior that has seen many religious changes. Ponder upon the centuries of Islamic and Christian history as you admire the contrasting interior and artwork.

Dynamic Juderias

Cordoba played a pivotal role in the history of Jewish life during the Middle Ages. Visit the graceful Juderías, an ancient neighborhood of white buildings that played an important part in history during the Moorish Caliphate. Don’t miss the Córdoba Synagogue, a historic edifice built in 1315.

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Roman Empire

Many ancient Roman monuments were preserved and refurbished to to preserve their existence. Stroll along Puente Romano – a Roman bridge across the Guadalquivir River built in the early 1st century BC. Or visit the cylindrical Roman mausoleum of Cordoba, the significant Roman funerary monuments that was found in 1993 during an archaeological test dig.

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