he centre of Javanese fine arts is also the most popular tourist attraction in Indonesia. Visit this famous tourist destination and discover the magic of the region.


Old is Gold

Top on the list is the 9th century magnificent temple of Borobudur. Stupa-cages shaped like bells protect the stone Buddha sitting inside it. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a grandiose view.

Vicious Volcano

Asia’s Pompeii, hike towards Mount Merapi, and see the ruins of damaged houses and surroundings that suffered from the recent 2010 volcanic eruption. Gain an insight into how the people of Indonesia responded to nature’s wrath and learn about Mbah Maridjan.


Prambanan Temple

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is one of the largest Hindu Temple architecture in Southeast Asia, A graceful ancient Hindu Temple that was built in the 9th Century, wander around and admire the detailed architecture.

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  • Amanjiwo Borobudur Jogjakarta Luxury Getaway Holiday Uniq Luxe


    Overlooking the UNESCO-listed Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary.

    Location: Borobudur
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