Gourmet Series: Catalonia

Catalonia is a land of wonders. From its vibrant cities its stunning mountains and valleys, there's something for everyone in this diverse region. One of the best ways to see all that Catalonia has to offer is on a gourmet tour. Our specially curated tour takes you from the heart of the wine country through to the Pyrenees Mountains. Not only will you get to taste some of the best wine in the world, but you'll also have a chance to try some of Catalonia's finest cuisine. This is a trip you won't want to miss!
Duration 12 days, 11 nights
Destinations Priorat, Pyrenees, La Garrotxa, Costa Brava, Barcelona
Fitness Easy
Who is it for? For those adventurous foodies looking to explore the world in a new tantalizing way.

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      Daily Itinerary

      Day 1Priorat (L/D)
      Day 1: Arrive Barcelona Airport. Transfer to Priorat

      Arrive Barcelona airport and get whisked away to Catalonia’s most famous wine region – Priorat. This region covers a small area, less than 20,000 hectares, of which just 1,600 are planted with vines. The terrain is very abrupt, even “cataclysmic”, in the words of Catalan writer Josep Pla. This makes wine-growing hard, demanding, and very costly.

      Enjoy a very special tasting of one of the best wineries, paired with excellent local delicacies!

      Stay 2-nights at Terra Dominicata, featuring medieval architecture set at the foot of the Sierra del Montsant – Surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Immerse in the landscape, silence and gastronomy of the region.

      Day 2Priorat (B/L/D)
      Mysterious Monasteries & Best of Priorat

      Start with the mystic and religious legacy: the Cistercian monasteries, dated from the 12th century. We will explore Poblet Monastery, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, which holds all its monastic activity to this day, as religious life is still present. Poblet is an impressive architectural complex and one of the largest monasteries in Europe.

      Continue with another monastery, The Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei, one of the most important historic sites of the Priorat. Walk across the ruined monastery, around its three cloisters, church, and refectory, whilst learning the purpose of each building.

      End the day with olive oil tastings to discover and enjoy an essential part of Mediterranean cooking. And beyond any doubt, the oil of the Priorat is one of the finest products of its kind.

      • Romanesque Church Catalonia Spain
      Day 3Pyrenees (B/L/D)
      Vall de Boí - The Hidden Gems of Pyrenees

      The Romanesque ensemble of the Vall de Boí  is exceptional for its state of conservation, built in 11th and 12th centuries, following the models of the Italian Lombard Romanesque.

      The Romanesque churches of the Vall de Boí also serve as an instrument for learning about medieval history as they are the artistic reflection of a society structured around ecclesiastical and stately hierarchies, in which the church fulfilled not only a religious function, but also had an important social role, as a meeting place and refuge for the people. This social function of the temples is evidenced in the use of their slender tower bell towers as elements of communication and surveillance. From each of the towers, you can see that of the neighboring town, to facilitate communication.

      Stay 3-nights at Parador de Arties, where the craggy mountains of Catalan Pyrenees frame the sky.

      Day 4Pyrenees (B/L/D)
      Gastronomic Trail of the Pyrenees

      A day trip adventure and gastronomy program in the Pyrenees which aims to explore several nature wonders and magnificent landscapes, as well as discover the cuisine and producers in the surrounding areas of Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici National Park and make your own Ratafia Workshop.

      • Encantats Aiguetortes Catalonia Spain
      Day 5Pyrenees (B/L/D)
      Natural Beauty of the Pyrenees

      Visit Aigüestortes National Park, a unique protected natural area that offers us an incomparable natural environment with its peaks that exceed three thousand meters high; rivers, ravines, waterfalls, swamps and more than 200 ponds.

      Within the National Park, among the typical high mountain fauna, the abundance of the Rebeco stands out. We can also see the delicate Capercaillie (endangered species) and the imposing Golden Eagle as well as the Bearded Vulture and the White Partridge. In the famous lakes live the common trout main food of the Otter. And another of the threatened animals, the Iberian Desman, a slightly smaller species of Platypus.

      The vegetation of the Aigüestortes National Park consists mainly of forests of Pino Silvestre, Pino Negro and Abetos. Where there are no trees, we can see large grasslands that delight ruminants. There are also more scattered areas of Birch and Beech. The picture that gives us this flora, the meadows, the rocks and the water, leave us landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

      Day 6Olot (B/L/D)
      Culinary Gems of La Garrotxa

      Start by visiting Olot, “the city of volcanoes”, which s known especially for its natural attractions and for being part of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park but it also has an interesting cultural heritage.

      Taste the Volcan Cuisine in Santa Pau, with local products from the orchard to the table, harvested and cooked. This turnip that has just arrived in the kitchen still has bits of moist soil on its wrinkled skin… precise seasoning and the wise combination of produce. A cuisine that is strong and convincing, born and raised here, with dishes such as patates d’Olot (potatoes from Olot ) or beans of Santa Pau.

      Stay 3-nights at Parador de Vic. The Parador reflects the traditional style of a Catalan country house. Its beautifully maintained garden, guest rooms with balconies and a magnificent swimming pool with views of the exceptional landscape make this a wonderful place to get away from it all and relax.

      • Girona Catalonia Spain
      Day 7Girona (B/L/D)
      Little Florence of Catalonia - Girona

      The ancient walled city of Girona stands on a fortress-like hill, high above the confluence of two rivers, and has a long and distinguished history. The huge 15th century cathedral with the widest unsupported gothic arch in the world, dominates the skyline. Yet much of the city’s attraction lies in exploring its labyrinthic cobbled streets, especially around the charming Jewish quarter. Its maze-like distribution, its medieval atmosphere, the charm of “Barri Vell” stores and beautiful corners make it a fascinating visit. The Jewish Call also retains much of its Kabbalistic mystery, which characterized Girona Jews in a setting that has remained in the same location since the Middle Ages.

      Also known as the city of four rivers or Little Florence, travel back to Iberian and Roman times and discover Romanesque monasteries, Arab Baths, Gothic gems and charming squares and corners.

      Day 8Palamós (B/L/D)
      The Heart of Costa Brava

      At the heart of the Costa Brava and close to beautiful Palamós, a fishermen village with outstanding coves, we find a magnificent 16th century masia (traditional Catalan farmhouse) and cellar with a lot to discover.

      Surrounded by vineyards, this appreciated wine is made with natural and artisanal procedures. The cellar was built underground, letting us in on the secrets and enigmas of the site as we discover the process of winemaking and the light and shadow plays created by its singular, unique architecture. An ensemble of medieval-style vestiges sits in the estate, spawning intense debate among experts and intellectuals, and bestowing the place with an extra feel of uniqueness and originality.

      Visit the several spaces that comprise the estate, as well as the cellars, and of course taste the delicious wines produced at the winery. Additionally, we can taste exquisite locally produced olive oil, another Mediterranean delicacy which enjoys special category in this region, and a special lunch to top up the experience.

      An appreciation of the landscape, of modern art, of cultural tradition and heritage, and indeed of gastronomy and oenology meet in this unique site, open to the sea and enclosed in the beautiful Empordà landscape.

      Stay 2-nights at Hotel Mas de Torrent. Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa is an 18th-century Catalan farmhouse converted into an exclusive five-star boutique hotel as part of Relais Chateaux, set in an environment of elegance, calm and exclusivity.

      Day 9Torrent (B)
      Free & Easy

      Spend the day enjoying the grounds of the hotel. Book a treatment at Mas Spa or enjoy the wonderful facilities including a indoor heated pool, four treatment rooms, a dry sauna and hammam, a water circuit, fitness equipment by Technogym and spaces reserved for yoga, meditation or pilates.

      • Costa Brava Catalonia Spain
      Day 10Costa Brava (B/L/D)
      A Taste of Nature: Hiking, Wine & Flower Pairing

      Embark on an exclusive experience where two of the most appreciated gifts of nature come together. Under the guidance of an expert who’s both a sommelier and a botanist, we will enjoy a fascinating journey away from the bustling city, discovering and tasting the Catalan nature.

      Along the Costa Brava there are no walks more spectacular than the coastal footpaths, a wonderful way to discover small coves, vertiginous cliffs, charming beaches and other unmissable seaside beauty spots. Walking around some of the most emblematic landscapes in the region, we will learn about the landscape and the flora surrounding us. Discover why this is one of the richest aromatic herb territories. But why not take a step further… and try some? Aromatic plants and flowers have been a symbolic, artistic and medicinal part of human life since ancient times. Used to express love, sympathy, good wishes or worship, flowers have always been appreciated by their colors, shapes, scent and ability to create beauty.

      Afterwards, you will be transferred to Barcelona.

      Stay 2-nights at The Majestic Hotel & Spa, a symbol of five-star hotel excellence since 1918. Located on the exclusive Paseo de Gracia, it offers a timeless setting that is ideal for visiting the nearby Gaudí buildings and the most prestigious fashion stores, along with easy access to Barcelona’s financial and business districts. The Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona is also a realm of elegant and traditional experiences. Enjoy a romantic evening in one of our suites, taste the refined cuisine at our bars and restaurants, or let yourself be pampered at the Majestic Spa.

      Day 11Barcelona (B/L/D)
      Barcelona: A Gastronomic Journey

      The Art Nouveau movement had a particular development in Catalonia at the end of the 19th century, where it acquires an own and differentiated personality denominated Modernism. As opposed to mid- century industrial architecture, this movement develops new concepts based on nature, introducing new building materials, organic shapes and facades inspired by motifs and structures of nature.

      With this visit we will get to know the masterpieces of two of its greatest Architects. On the one hand, Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, an indispensable visit in Barcelona where you will appreciate the perfect harmony in the interrelation between the structural and the ornamental elements. On the other hand, the lesser- known Sant Pau Recent Modernista, an impressive monument designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner as a “garden-city” hospital. The two buildings are facing each other and, linked by an avenue, they counteract and complement one another. Visiting these two exceptional architectural ensembles together is a unique experience.

      Aftewards, discover an outstanding early example of Modernisme and Gaudí’s first major building, Casa Vicens. Visit the house and its rooms and enjoy this beautiful, organic, harmonious and ornamented testament to Gaudí’s genius. As night falls, we will see the light and colors change, discovering the magical Casa Vicens and finishing with a glass of cava.

      Barcelona has become a world-renowned food capital for its uniqueness of Catalan cuisine, which combines creativity and tradition. Markets, bistrós, wine bars and bodegas define the constant evolution of such a vibrant culinary scene. Explore the local delights on a tapas tour with your host, a local expert in gastronomy and history.

    • Day 12Barcelona (B)

      Transfer to airport for departure.

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