• The Joy of Multigenerational Travel

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    About Multigenerational Travel

    While some people board airplanes to escape relatives, many travelers are now vacationing with their extended families. Multi-generational travel, which refers to trips involving at least three generations, has been on the rise the last few years.

    Typically, the group consists of grandparents, parents and uncles and aunts, as well as children, including nephews and nieces. Group sizes can range from an intimate family of five to an extended family of thirty. Here at Uniq Luxe, we are seeing more and more of these multigenerational trips.

    These trips particularly appeal to those who want to spend more quality time with the extended family. For example, families whose members are geographically separated often find multigenerational trips a good opportunity to reconnect.

    Five Tips

    1. Destination matters

    Hokkaido’s snowscape might be beautiful, but the 2-year old toddler would definitely not appreciate the cold. You might think the best family holiday is an idyllic beach vacation, but your cousins really want to go skydiving together. Whatever it is, choosing a destination that suits everyone is one of the most important decisions during the planning phase. Popular destinations include Japan and New Zealand.

    2. Plan something for everyone

    Regardless of the time of year you’re traveling, make sure you have plenty of activities to choose from. If you want to plan a hiking or a biking adventure, be sure there’s something for those who don’t want to join, so they aren’t stuck back at the hotel with nothing to do.

    3. Don’t overbook activities

    If traveling with young children or older family members, resist the temptation to pack too many activities. Remember that this is about enjoying each other’s company as well as getting to know a new place.

    Multigenerational Travel holiday luxury uniq luxe uniqluxe

    Multigenerational Travel holiday luxury uniq luxe uniqluxe

    4. Finer details

    Can the children sit still in the car for four hours during a road trip? Are the grandparents in a wheelchair? It’s common to leave out certain details when planning a holiday.You want to do your research, so that you won’t get a rude shock when most of the sights that you planned to go are not suitable for the family.

    5. Take things easy

    Even the most well-planned trip may encounter unforeseen circumstances. Realise that there will be setbacks or disagreements, but don’t harp on them. Know that these potential disasters will make interesting stories.

    Multigenerational Travel holiday luxury uniq luxe uniqluxe

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