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    What is life without thrills?
    Venture into the African wilderness in a four-wheel drive!

    Escape the monotony of modern life and return to the unknown! When you go on a safari, it is akin to a personal journey — the word ‘safari’ means ‘journey’ in Swahili. Travellers are able to become the protagonists of their own adventure as they explore the continent. What will they see today? An antelope nursing its young? Or a pride of lions lounging under the shade of a tree? The possibilities are endless in Africa!


    Kenya is famed for its panoramic geography, from its vermillion deserts to the emerald gorges of the Great Rift Valley. Fans of Disney will find Hell’s Gate National Park uncannily familiar — after all, its landscapes inspired The Lion King! However, unlike the film, the national park is home only to herbivores like the warthog and giraffe! 

    In Africa, it would be a pity to miss out on the Big 5. You can spot them all at Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park! With its vast savannahs and abundance of prey, it is no wonder travellers make it their number one destination to encounter a wide range of rare animals! Kruger National Park also ranks high among Big 5 sightings. 

    Winding through Botswana, the Okavango is one of the longest rivers in Africa. Explore the Mesosaurus fossil site, trek through the Quiver Tree Forest and search for the elusive Kalahari Lion. 

    Turn your attention to the jaw-dropping Victoria Falls located in Zambia. Hear the roar of the Zambezi River as it thunders into the waters below. It’s no surprise that the waterfall is also known as “The Smoke that Thunders”.

    A giraffe spotted amidst the grass in Kruger National Park

    Kruger National Park

    The winding blue Okavango River cuts through the great African savannah

    Okavango River


    Reputed as “a magical piece of paradise”, it offers cultural immersion activities as part of the safari package.

    Watch the cosmos unfold when you stay at Skybeds. This multi-storey sleeping platform is situated alongside a busy waterhole within the Khwai Private Reserve. Guests enjoy the exclusive privilege to view wildlife from the comforts of their bed. Evening drives also increase the chances of encountering rare nocturnal animals — a perfect complement to the stay! 

    Eco-warriors can also consider Wildtracks Safaris Eco-Lodge. Reputed as “a magical piece of paradise”, it offers cultural immersion activities as part of the safari package. Staying at  &Beyond’s lodges and camps also shows your support for local wildlife and cultural conservation efforts. 

    Feel on top of the world when you stay at Pamushana Lodge in Zimbabwe. Fixed above the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, guests enjoy a bird’s eye view of the mountainous terrain, sprawling greenery and the magnificent Malilangwe Dam below.  

    A luxury accommodation where you can sleep under the stars in the middle of the African savannah!


    Pamushana Lodge has a unique alfresco dining experience to complete your luxury safari adventure!

    Pamushana Lodge


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