Quiz – Indonesia

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Here in Uniq Luxe we love to spice things up every now and then!
“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” -Roger Crawford

As fun as it is, designing a travel itinerary requires grit, attention to details, resourcefulness, time-management and creativity – all the while with client’s happiness and satisfaction in mind!

Let’s see if you have it in you!

A team of 30 pax are looking for a team experience in Bali, Indonesia

  1. Propose a 4D3N team bonding itinerary
  2. Propose suitable hotels/villas (twin share). Include the reason for your choice
    • Must include a nice seminar/meeting room to host 30 pax for 1 full day (2nd day) of meeting (include meals)
  3. Includes a few unique, fun and interesting team bonding activities
  4. Keep budget around S$800/pax (incl flights. LCC is fine.)
  5. Travel period: February

Submission requirement:

  • Present the quote and information in a visually pleasing  and easily readable format.
  • List any assumption you’ve made to complete the quiz.
  • Name the file appropriately.
  • Upload the PDF to the link provided to you. 
  • Deadline: 27th Aug 2022, 12:00 GMT+8

Hint: Don’t let your lack of experience stop you from achieving greatness. Tap into your creativity & resourcefulness. Plan a special itinerary that you can be passionate about. Enthusiasm is truly infectious! 

Let’s have fun & get planning