COMO Cocoa Island

/ South Malé Atoll

Embrace the unadulterated luxury of COMO Cocoa Island, a distinguished private island resort in the Maldives. Renowned as a slice of heaven, this tranquil oasis encourages a ‘foot in the sand’ lifestyle. Surrender your shoes to the soft embrace of its white sands, dine with the gentle lap of lagoon waters at your feet, and immerse yourself in the tropical splendor of the surrounding marine world. The hydrotherapy pool offers a serene retreat, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. For a visual journey of this paradise, the gallery below captures the essence of COMO Cocoa Island’s unique allure.


COMO Cocoa Island is located amongst South Malé’s coral atolls in the Maldives, only 40-min by speedboat from Malé Airport.


COMO Cocoa Island stands out for its unique dhoni-inspired rooms, offering luxurious comfort with direct ocean access. The resort blends serene natural beauty, top-notch COMO Shambhala treatments, organic cuisine, and a family-friendly atmosphere, encapsulating an exclusive, tranquil retreat.

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