ith Korean popular culture dominating the world in recent years, dive into the hype and visit the city that has taken the world by storm. Delicious street food, lively night markets and majestic palaces, find your soul in Seoul!

Lip-Smacking Good

Sink your teeth into the delectable food Seoul has to offer. From the widely known Kimchi to the unique and fearsome Beondegi, Seoul is truly a food lovers’ paradise!


Shopping Frenzy

Grab a pair of comfortable shoes and be prepared to lose yourself in Seoul’s many shopping districts. Famous for being a shopping paradise, be ready to shop till you drop.

Grand Palaces

Gain insight into Korea’s royal history by paying a visit to the ‘Five Grand Palaces’ of Seoul. Each with their own purpose and beauty, be amazed by how well they have been preserved to this day.

    Featured Hotels
    • The Shilla

      Combining traditional Korean aesthetics with modern sensibility

      Location: Seoul Central Area
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    • The Plaza

      Located in the heart of downtown Seoul, The Plaza is the premier choice for even the most discerning business travellers who pursue both style and convenience.

      Location: Myeong-dong
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